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Happy Mother's Day To The Original Travelbug!

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK today and I hope you don’t mind me sharing some love today for my own wonderful mother.  She is without doubt, the source of my obsession with all things travel and has inspired me to venture out and see the world.  She always pushed us to travel and when we took the decision to move to Asia ten years ago, was there to offer words of enthusiasm and encouragement.  This is the lady that would rather scrimp and save on things for herself in order to put all her pennies towards the next big adventure.  Here are some of my favourite mum travel memories:

  • Watching the woman plan a holiday. And in the days pre internet!  The house would be covered in guide books from the library and travel brochures whilst she plotted where she would take the family that summer. I’m not sure where she would get her inspiration for these trips from but once a plan was hatched in her mind – that was it!  When I was about 16 she became obsessed with the idea of taking us back to Disney World again and within about 24 hours she had it all booked.
  • Endless patience and fun.  As a mother of two (exhausting) young girls, I look back at my own mother’s energy and excitement for playing with us on the beach and really admire it.  I used to love wading in the rock pools in Kimmeridge with her whilst she pointed out sea anemones and all the little fish.  Most importantly, she makes the best sand castles of anyone I know.
  • Watching in shame and then delight as my mum entered the limbo contest at a huge resort hotel and won!  I still remember how she sneakily let me have a sip of her winning prize – a strawberry daiquiri.
  • Encouraging my sister and I to keep scrapbooks from all our holidays.  I used to find it really boring having to write at the end of the day what we got up to but now I look back at those books and think what amazing memories they are.  And I can also laugh at my style of writing which has barely improved over the years and mainly focuses on what I had to eat for each meal.
  • Taking us on amazing adventures from road tripping through Utah and Arizona to hiking in the Peak District.  There’s a reason that I used to cry on the plane coming home from every holiday and that is because my mum had always planned the BEST trips ever.  Thank you mum.

Jacqui Ross

  • Jacqui


    Happy Mothers day to you too.

    Thank you for your love and for your memories – I had forgotten about the limbo contest.

    We are still planning holidays – what better way to spend the day than deciding on our next trip.
    Ideas for Vancouver to Las Vegas in 25 days via somewhere interesting very welcome!!

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