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Getting to Colorado

Do you know where Colorado is?  Please bear with me, I’m not very good with the states.  I knew Colorado was where the Rocky Mountains rose up into the sky (although they actually stretch from New Mexico right up to Alberta, Canada) but not much else.  Every year we pick a US state at random to visit for a two-week road trip.  2013 was the year of Colorado (see below)

Map of USA showing Colorado

We live in Hong Kong and I think one of the reasons why people don’t think doing a big trip like this is because it’s not easy to access many US states directly.  From Hong Kong we can fly direct to LA, San Francisco, New York and Chicago.  But if you want to get anywhere else, you have to connect.

We chose to fly to Los Angeles (13 hours) with Cathay Pacific.  You can read about our flight experience here.  I may have been able to save a little bit of money booking my international and domestic flights separately (lo-cost carrier Frontier is headquartered in Denver).  However, when you are travelling a long distance with young kids, it’s good to keep things easy and have the route ticketed as one through journey, especially as we had a short connection on our return.  Staying within the Oneworld airline alliance also meant we had access to various lounges as my husband is a Marco Polo gold member.

Always pack your baby carrier

Always pack your baby carrier!

We arrived in Los Angeles at the same time/day we had departed from in Hong Kong.  That date line stuff is weird…  Our flight to Denver wasn’t until 7:30am the next morning so we spent the night at my favourite LAX airport hotel, the Courtyard Marriott.  We grabbed about 5 hours sleep and then returned to the American Airlines Terminal to hop on a short two-hour flight to Denver.  You can read about our American Eagle flight experience here.

We eventually landed in Denver, Colorado at 10am Saturday.  Not so bad considering we left Hong Kong on Friday at 10pm!

Despite travelling with two young kids (4 yo and 20 mths) it was relatively painless.  I think the lack of proper sleep for 24 hours meant that we suffered zero jetlag and were able to head off on our Colorado adventure as soon as we touched down in Denver.


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