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Fun At Kidzania Singapore

When we relocated from Hong Kong to Singapore earlier in the year, I was looking for ways to cheer up a rather glum Jetlag & Mayhem who had left all their friends behind.  Now Singapore is a pretty easy place to come up with some fun activities. In fact there is an entire island devoted to the ‘State Of Fun’, Sentosa. Which is where you’ll find KidZania Singapore! For those not familiar with the incredible world of KidZania, this is kid-sized indoor city where children can take on a number of role-play activities.  Jetlag & Mayhem had visited KidZania UK and LOVED it.  So when they found out there was one on their doorstep, they were beside themselves.

How does it work?

Before you enter KidZania, your child will receive a debit card which they can use within the city.  Certain jobs will earn them a salary which is paid in the KidZania currency of kidZos. Other activities will have a charge so children will have to hand over some kidZos.

Each activity is strictly kids only. Parents can wait on benches/tables that are dotted around the city, or drop off older kids.  This give the children a wonderful sense of importance and responsibility although my 5yo wanted to know where I was sitting at any given moment.

The first thing your child will need to do is either set up a bank account or activate their debit card.  It was brilliant watching them trot off to ‘Maybank’ and figure it out for themselves.

What is it like inside KidZania?

In a word, incredible. So much so I was spending the entire day whatsapping photos of this magic city and all the jobs my kids were doing to family members back home.  It’s almost like being on a movie set.  You have an entire city built for kids with hospitals, banks, restaurants, shops.  Each one has been sponsored by a local business e.g. Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Qatar Airways Aviation Academy, Pizza Hut, Discovery Channel TV studio. KidZania even houses a full-wing fuselage of a Boeing 737!

As you walk around the city, you’ll see that each role-playing activity has a ‘Census Board’ outside which displays the minimum age, duration of play, how many kidZos you’ll earn/spend.

What role-playing activities are available?

The list is never-ending! In 7 hours Jetlag & Mayhem managed to work at the following (bear in mind we were lucky with crowds as we visited during a time when Singapore schools and most of the international schools were in session)

  • Train as First Officer at the Qatar Aviation Academy
  • Lim Chee Guan Traditional BBQ Meat Store
  • Actor at the Acting Academy
  • Candy Design Trainee at the Sticky Candy Store
  • Performer at the City Clock
  • Performer in the City Parade
  • Store Assistant at 7-11
  • Customer at the Department Store (where you can spend your well-earned KidZos!)
  • Trainee Driver at the Driving School
  • Runway Model at the Camouflage Fashion Boutique
  • Baby Expert & Paramedic at Mount Elizabeth Hospital
  • Food Scientist at the Abbott Milk Innovation Lab
  • Radio Presenter at Kiss92
  • Junior Scientist at the Yakult Science lab
  • Window Washer
  • Host on the Discovery Channel

Where can you eat lunch?

The KidZania role playing experience even includes food. For lunch my girls were pizza chefs at Pizza Hut and for dinner, they earned their supper as chefs at KFC (perhaps not the healthiest day!)

There’s an adults-only coffee shop selling a decent selection of snack foods.

What age is KidZania suitable for?

Although they say from age 4, I think that kids age 6+ will benefit the most. For all the role-playing, children are unaccompanied and so your child needs to confident enough to be without a parent (although parents can wait outside). I had moments where Jetlag & Mayhem wanted to do different activities so had to run between the two. Whilst my 8year old was comfortable being left alone, my then 5 year old still needed me in her eyeline where possible.

How long should I spend there?

KidZania Singapore is enormous, at over 81,000 square feet.  We were there the entire day from 10am to closing. How long you want to stay, depends on your kids but to get your money’s worth, I would budget an entire day. Each activity took approximately 15 to 20 minutes and you may have queuing time.

Ticket prices are S$ 58.00 for 4-17 year old and S$ 35.00 for an adult. If you purchase online you can get 5% off.

Where is KidZania Singapore?

It is located on Palawan Beach on Sentosa, a 5 minute sheltered walk from Beach Station. We took the Sentosa Express from VivoCity on the way there and a taxi on the return.

Should I go to KidZania Singapore?

Without a shadow of a doubt yes! It’s the most amazing and fulfilling experience watching your kids engage in these role-playing activities. I was so proud of Jetlag & Mayhem as they marched through the street in the parade and acted onstage. 

KidZania gives them a greater sense of independence, financial awareness and most importantly, fun.  And now we live in the same country as a KidZania, they won’t stop driving me mad about when they can next go!

Jetlag & Mayhem’s Top Tips for KidZania Singapore

  • Check out the KidZania website to see what activities your kids would like to prioritise. Places like the Aviation Academy are incredibly popular so you may want to run there first thing.
  • Bring layers as it can get chilly inside
  • For parents – bring a book/ipad etc as there can be a lot of downtime waiting around
  • If your child wants to participate in sport at the Stadium or Mountaineering school, they need appropriate footwear
  • Bring water bottles and you can refill at the fountains
  • Either wear your own or purchase a lanyard for your child to carry their KidZos easily. Everyone is given an RFID security bracelet.
  • Arrive early so you can achieve more
  • Once you are in there, head straight to the bank first to activate your child’s debit card. You can use your credit card to withdraw cash at ATM to spend. You can also keep the KidZos to save for a future trip to KidZania
  • Go earn a degree at the University in order to get paid more for certain jobs (Miss Jetlag was very proud of her degree in Communications!)

  • Scott


    We visited Kidzania in Tokyo in 2017, and our (then) 4-year-old daughter loved it. We wondered why they don’t have one in the USA. A few months after we returned, we found out that several are scheduled to open soon in the USA. I believe that the first is opening later this year near Dallas.
    Great post and great website!

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