Flying Southwest! LAX to Albuquerque

Flying over Albuquerque - shrink

After American Airlines decided to twice cancel my flights from LAX to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, I decided enough was enough and it was time to try a new airline.  That airline being the world’s largest low-cost carrier, Southwest.

Fairly straightforward online.  I chose the cheapest fair and the only thing I was flummoxed by was the fact that you have to choose your kids as ‘1 adult’ when you select these flights.  I also opted to pay extra for early boarding.  Like other LCCs, you don’t get assigned seats.  However, early boarding means you can check in 24 hours in advance to secure an early boarding place in the queue.

Transiting from Cathay Pacific to Southwest
We landed at 8am and our next flight to Albuquerque was 2pm.  We decided to head to Southwest’s Terminal 1, approx a 15 minute walk from the International Terminal.  I was delighted to have our double stroller with us at this point!

I had checked in that morning in Hong Kong so we queued up in the bag drop. 10 minutes later we got to the front of the queue only to find it you can drop your bags off UP TO 4 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF THE FLIGHT.  So we waited around for 20 mins and tried again.

Beating jetlag in Manhattan Beach!

Beating jetlag in Manhattan Beach!

With 3 hours to kill, we decided waiting around the airport would probably finish us off so it was time to inject sunshine into our lives. We hopped in a taxi and headed for Manhattan Beach, a mere 15 minute drive away. This was the perfect antidote to our jet lagged and exhausted selves.  We had a stroll along the pier and a brunch in a local eatery.  Then back in the taxi to LAX.

Listen up for comedy announcements in the terminal e.g. ‘We are searching for passengers John Smith and Spongebob Squarepants’.

With Southwest, you get allocated a place in the boarding queue depending on how quick you’ve checked-in.  We were fairly near the front although I think they also allow families on, once the ‘A’ queue has climbed onboard.  

Off to Albuquerque - shrink

Onboard the 737, the seating was 3-3.  Knowing my husband had a long drive ahead at Albuquerque, I let him sneak off on his own to sleep whilst I was in charge of Mesdames Jetlag & Mayhem.  It paid off that we were all knackered as we pretty much slept for the duration of the 2 hour flight!

Onboard Southwest - Shrink


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