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Flying Singapore to Phuket With Silk Air

In case you weren’t aware, the rather glossy sounding ‘Silk Air’ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. (think Cathay Dragon). Flying from Singapore to Phuket you have multiple options, from Scoot to Jetstar to Thai AirAsia.  I booked our Christmas flights in around May, shortly after we found out we were relocating from Hong Kong to Singapore (luckily I hadn’t been on the ball and booked flights originating in HK!)

Silk Air seats empty plane

How did I book the flights?

I started with my favourite flight aggregator, Skyscanner to check out what was available. Silk Air was showing a reasonable price so I decided to book directly with them.

The booking process, through the Silk Air website was extremely straightforward. I ended up paying through Paypal as I wasn’t sure my HK credit card would be in use by Christmas!

A few month’s after I made the booking, I received a notification from the airline to say there was a minor timetable change.

What airline alliance does Silk belong to?

Silk is part of Singapore Airlines and thus the Star Alliance. The beauty of Singapore’s programme, Krisflyer is that kids can join age 2+ (unlike Virgin’s Flying Club etc).

Check in process

I received an email 48 hours in advance of our flight that online check in was available. They had seated our family of 4 in to two blocks of 2 as the configuration onboard was 3-3.

Singapore Airport

If you are flying during a busy holiday period, I always advise to get to the airport early.  The queues were quite big at T2 although I think it was partly because their system (ie get rid of humans), seemed to slow things down. As we had already checked in online, we had to queue up for a machine to scan our passports at a machine to get our boarding passes and luggage tags. Then we had to queue again to give our bags to a human to put on the luggage belt.

Changi is a lovely airport to hang out in, with lots of shops and eating options.

Phuket International Airport

The new and improved Phuket International Airport is a dream compared to the old one. Check in was very straight forward. I had checked in online and this time, we went straight to a person who then printed out our boarding passes and took our luggage.

My husband checked out the Singapore lounge (he’s a gold member, I’m not) and dutifully came back with some free beers for me.

Onboard (SQ5052 departs SIN 08:30, arrives Phuket 10:00 & SQ5053 departs 14:55, arrives 15:40)

It had been about 12 years since I last flew Silk Air so I didn’t really know what to expect. It’s a very short flight from Singapore to Phuket (90 mins) so it really flies by.  Our outbound aircraft was a 737-800 in a 3-3 configuration. If you’ve got kids who need the toilet, you may want to sit closer to the back.  Our inbound was a 737-800 but appeared as if it had been upgraded.

Daisy On Silk Air From Phuket

There’s no seatback TV although they had dropdown TVs dotted throughout the cabin. I’ve no idea what they were playing so make sure you bring your own entertainment!

Meal On Silk Air

On our outbound flight, they served a breakfast meal of spicy noodles or sausage and eggs. I’ve no idea what the food was like on the return leg as I was passed out (the previous evening was New Year’s Eve!).  Interestingly when I woke up, the passenger sat on the other side of my daughter informed me that she shouldn’t have been playing with an iPhone for the duration of the flight as it’s bad for the eyes.  He’s not wrong.

The staff were extremely smiley and helpful.  I asked for a blanket on both legs as the cabin was downright freezing! (pack layers)


No issue at all with Silk Air on this journey to Phuket. I would definitely choose to fly with them again. That said, I reckon you could get cheaper with one of the budget airlines like Scoot although you must remember that the price increases with all the add-ons.


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