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Flying Hawaiian Airlines, Oahu to Maui

I divided our Hawaii adventure into one week on Oahu and the second week on Maui.  Although I’ve since realised that there is simply never enough time to cover it all!  Getting between Oahu and Maui is pricey. There are three airlines who service this route; Hawaiian, Island and Mokulele.  The Points Guy spells out all the different options between islands.  Despite booking sufficiently far in advance, prices were pretty steep for the short 30 minute hop. There’s seemingly a flight every 30 minutes and I ended up booking directly on the Hawaiian Airlines website.

As a sidenote, I loved seeing the traditional leis stands and even a lei vending machine.  Since the 1940s, lei makers have sold their handmade fresh flower garlands at the airport.

We used Hertz to collect our car from both Oahu HNL and Maui OGG.  Sign up for Hertz Gold (it’s free!) and you can bypass the queue.

Honolulu Airport (Oahu)

Factor in waiting time to your travel plans. The TSA queue snaked around the terminal and we had to wait 50 minutes. The reason for this is that you are put in a pair and marched passed sniffer dogs, so I don’t think they can speed up the process. You’ll need to go in to the terminal first to check in at the machine. Once you’ve received your boarding pass and attached the baggage tags, head to the Bag Drop queue. Then exit (unless you are lucky) for the TSA queue.

Kahului Airport (Maui)

If you are dropping your car at the rental, allow time to catch the tram between terminal and car park.


Hawaiian Airlines operated a Boeing 717 on this route, with a seat configuration 2-3.  If you can, nab a seat by the window as the island views are stupendous. The short flight doesn’t really warrant an in-depth review but we did get a juice and water. I also loved the colourful uniform of the crew.

This is a nice snippet for you aviation fans – As a group, the 717s complete over 160 takeoffs and landings every day.  These are made by a fleet of only 20 planes.



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