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Flying Etiquette Guidelines For All Passengers

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Hot on the heels of a rather patronising article in the Telegraph on the ‘etiquette of flying with children‘ I’ve devised my own guidelines. I am of the opinion it’s not just families but practically everyone who needs a gentle reminder of how to behave up in the air.

  1. If the cabin is pitch black and people are sleeping, keep your window shade closed if it’s daylight outside.  I think some passengers underestimate the amount of light that floods into the cabin through one tiny window.  
  2. If you are using any kind of electronic device, use your headphones.
  3. Don’t eyeball me rudely just because I’ve lumbered onboard with a couple of young kids in tow. You were young once.
  4. I know it’s your right but if you are in the bulkhead, please don’t immediately recline your seat.  Like a domino you will set the tone for the rest of the cabin.
  5. Please remove the blanket from the squishy plastic bag or put it under your seat.  Otherwise we will all be annoyed by the sound of the squishy plastic bag rustling away in your lap.
  6. Don’t stick your feet in my footwell thank you.  Likewise your big handbag. Stick it in your own footwell.
  7. Try to keep the toilet clean for us all. If you don’t spray all over the toilet seat at home, there’s no reason why you should suddenly start doing this on a plane.
  8. Have some empathy.  Nobody likes a screaming baby. Not even its parents. So you can be darned sure that they are doing all they can to get that baby to be quiet. Fellow passengers giving said parent a dirty look is not going to help.
  9. Be considerate with your food choices.  I once sat next to someone who slurped and munched through a bag of chicken feet depositing the bones in the seatback pocket.
  10. No kicking seats, however old you are.


What etiquette rules do you think we should all abide by?




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