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Flight Review: BA London Gatwick to Barbados with 8 mth baby

My friend Laura recently took her 8 month old on her first holiday… to Barbados (lucky baby!)  Here’s her flight review:
Who:  Laura, husband John and baby Zoe (8 months)
Where:  London Gatwick to Bridgetown, Barbados
What:  British Airways (BA) 2153, departs LGW 13:45, arrives Barbados 18:30
Economy Class
Flight Booking
Through Trailfinders.  Our travel agent prebooked bulkhead seats for outbound and return.
Getting to Airport
We drove our own car to the airport and used Tudor Rose (company that collect your car at LGW terminal and stores it for you until your return and deliver it back to you at terminal when you land. Great idea for travel with kids and only £45)
Good, no problems
London Gatwick side – made us taste water from every bottle and one taste of formula powder.
Barbados side – didnt make us taste a thing!
We fed Zoe lunch  at Gatwick (Ella’s kitchen pouch and Hipp Fruit Pot).  We didn’t prebook any formula at Boots at Zoe is on prescription formula for lactose intolerance so took our own.
Toilets/changing facilities
LGW – fine (but we were in the frequent flyer airport lounge!)
Barbados – not great
We had priority boarding as we were with a baby and onboard, the seat formation was 3-3-3.
Seat was fine, standard economy.  The BA crew were lovely
Zoe was too big for the crib style so BA provided the car seat version.
She was well behaved both ways. We had lots of snacks (breadsticks, dried apricots, rice cakes as well as normal Ella’s for meal times).  We also had stash of new toys and books.   We walked up and down the plane a few times. Zoe’s not the best sleeper so the flight was no different to usual but we had planned well in how to keep her entertained otherwise
The stroller was returned to us at the Baggage Carousel.
Pretty bad at Barbados, I definitely suggest rushing off the plane if you can
No problem at London Gatwick
Some final thoughts!
Virgin bassinets are fitted with 5 point seat belt system so when there is turbulence you are not expected to take the baby out and have them on your lap. This was the biggest pain in the bum with BA as Zoe was never in the bassinet for more than 45 mins before a turbulence episode both ways to Barbados so in the end we had her sleep on us (crippling!) So I guess for those with the option of BA or Virgin travelling with under 2’s then Virgin is the preference…

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