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Creating A Photobook – Albelli Review

I wrote a post a few months ago on how to save your holiday memories.  Gone are the days when a Snappy Snaps envelope would land on our doormat that I would eagerly rip open to devour my holiday photos.  Now I rarely print anything out (at this point I must apologise to my youngest daughter who still doesn’t have her own photo framed in my living room!)

I was thus very excited when I was invited by Albelli to make my own photo book.  I decided to opt for one of their pre-designed photo books where there are ten Travel themes on offer.  Each pre-designed photo book comes in Landscape format (28 x 21cm)

Albelli Photo Book

When creating a photo book, I advise you to spend some time on the computer browsing what pictures you actually want and make a separate folder for them.  It’s best to have high quality resolution available – if Albelli thinks the photo won’t come out well, it will actually tell you so.

Creating the book is easy and intuitive.  You upload all the pictures you want and then drag and drop into each page template.  You also have the option to add text.  If you get distracted by kids wanting their dinner, no problem, simply save your book and come back to it later.  Mine took about an hour in total to create.

The basic photo book is GBP £29.90 with 24 pages.  You can have up to 70 pages with extra pages costing 65p.  Mine took approx. one week for delivery.

The Verdict?

Albelli Photo Book 1 Albelli Photo Book 2

I absolutely love my photo book.  I’m so pleased to actually own a physical photo product I can thumb through and enjoy the happy memories.  The glossy finish and the actual design (I picked Beach Holiday) fits nicely with my photos.  The kids also love looking at it although I’ve had to steer the two-year old and her crayons away from it!


Jetlag & Mayhem was sent an Albelli photo book for review.  I was not paid for this post and this is my opinion!


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