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Celebrating Holiday Traditions Abroad

We’ve spent the last six Christmases abroad and this year we are off to Sri Lanka.  For those of you who are headed overseas, how do you keep your traditions going?  Here are some of the things I like to do….

Thai Snowman - Shrink

  • Be organised and pack all my Christmas gifts far in advance.  I also pack extra wrapping paper, sellotape and scissors just in case I pick up presents enroute (like the time it was our first Christmas with baby Daisy and I figured everyone would want ‘Daisy’ perfume from Duty Free)
  • Keep present buying for the adults to a minimum by holding a family Secret Santa.  That way we aren’t overpacking gifts in our suitcases or spending too much money.
  • Buying Christmas activity packs for the kids to do. Last year we had fantastic boxes full of Christmas crafts from Sqooll which we then decorated the villa with.
    Christmas Day PresentsThis year I have bought some Christmas mosaic decoration kits, which can double up as activities for the plane.
    Christmas craft kit
  • This year Chanukah coincides with Christmas so I will also be packing my most lightweight menorah and candles!  Which also means even more presents for those lucky kids!
  • Packing a Santa outfit!  I think my brother in law might have beaten me to it but this year we are going to surprise the kids with a real Santa…  
  • Packing mince pies and mulled wine.  I’m obsessed with mince pies.  We never usually have a traditional Christmas turkey lunch (pad thai has worked beautifully the last few years!) but I will insist on a mince pie on Christmas day. The question is whether I manage to keep these in my cupboard uneaten for the next 10 days before I travel to Sri Lanka…
    Mince Pies



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