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Flying Qantas Longhaul With Kids

It’s incredible to think how far we’ve come in air travel. The ‘Kangaroo Route’, is the Qantas flagship, the passage that connects Australia to the UK. In 1947 this involved 55 hours of flying time with six stops. This year, …
photo of BA kids meal

British Airways Longhaul Economy Review

I have had the pleasure of flying BA’s Singapore to London route 3 times over the past 5 months (and booked again for August). British Airways gets a lot of bad press and I have to say I was pleasantly …
photo of eye mask

13 Long Haul Flight Essentials

Over the past two months, I’ve clocked up two return longhaul flights (13 hrs) and I’m about to embark on a third.  I’m always back of the bus and have therefore semi-perfected the art of comfortable longhaul travel!  Contrary to …

Tips For Flying Longhaul With A Baby

My 9 month old nephew is a seasoned traveler. Having flown longhaul from London to Bangkok at Christmas, he recently returned to the Far East to visit us in Singapore. Naturally I pleaded with my sister in law to share …
Daisy and sky on CX

Getting To Arizona From Singapore

Singapore is a looooong way from the US. My husband recently flew the Singapore Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Singapore and the captain announced the flying time to be 18hrs and 5 mins.  As our Arizona trip was cobbled …
feeding jax in bassinet

10 Top Tips For Flying With A Baby

My six month old nephew, gorgeous Jax, recently embarked on his first flight.  No short hop for him, this was straight into big boy territory; a 12 hour flight from London to Hong Kong followed by 2 hours from Hong …
Virgin wing

How To Get To Atlanta From Singapore

The first leg of our journey was a false start. We were supposed to fly Singapore to London on British Airways , followed by a 7 hour layover at Heathrow. We would then pop out of the airport to meet …
Marco Polo Lounge Kitchen

Review Of The Marco Polo Lounge, Changi Airport T4

At the end of 2017, Singapore’s Changi Airport unveiled Terminal 4.  You may find yourself here if you’re flying with Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Air Asia, Cebu Air, Spring Airlines and West Air.  What’s interesting about T4 is the high …
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