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Beautiful Travel Activity Books From Leap & Hop


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When Isabelle Demenge took her 3 kids (aged 8, 6 and 3) to Cambodia, she created special activity books for them to enjoy.  Her kids loved them so much that 3 books later she decided to share her stories with the world.  Isabelle now has four beautiful activity books for sale; Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Rajasthan and Hong Kong and is due to complete Bali and Paris by Christmas.  Each book contains beautiful photos, illustrations, puzzles, quizzes and space for kids to write their own stories down. I sat down with the lovely Isabelle to find out her inspiration behind the books and her travel tips.

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What’s your travel style?

We try to make our adult stuff fun for the kids, rather than just focusing on finding kid-specific activities.  For example in Bali, we spent loads of time walking around temples and the kids loved it.  The trick is to involve them in the decision making i.e. what activity shall we do today?  This gives them ownership in the planning and they tend to enjoy things more.

What do your kids love about the books?

Each one enjoys something different.  One kid loves the puzzles, one enjoys the word searches and the other loves the drawing and using her imagination.

What do you like most about the books?

I love that they can genuinely learn more about where they are and relate it back to their own life.  For example, kids in Hong Kong travel all the time but do they actually know anything about currency exchange?  I have a section in the book called ‘The Price Of Things’ where kids go out and find out the cost of bread, milk etc in relation to their home country.

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Which is your favourite book?

I have such fond memories of visiting Cambodia and writing the book as it was my first one.  I have a great ‘I Spy’ game in there set in Angkor Wat!

What’s on your travel bucket list?

Mongolia, Bhutan and Japan (we are headed there shortly!)

For more on Isabelle’s books, check out the Leap & Hop website.  I will also be giving one away to a lucky reader so stay tuned!



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