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An Ergonomic Front Facing Baby Carrier? Meet The Ergo 360

My number one travel tip for those flying with a baby/toddler is to take your baby carrier.  My favourite over the years has been the Ergo.  I used to use a Baby Bjorn with daughter no 1 but when she reached about 8 months, I just found the weight on my shoulders too much and really liked how the Ergo felt with her.  The only thing I didn’t like about the Ergo was that there was no option for babies to face outwards.

That’s all changed with the Ergo 360, their new baby carrier that allows you to carry in 4 positions, including forward facing.  Now, I know that’s quite a controversial step for the company that was founded on the principles that the most ergonomic way to carry your baby was to have them facing towards you.  Yet to meet the demands of parents who want a more flexible option, they’ve released the 360 into their product range, alongside the more traditional Ergobaby carrier.

Sam and forward facing Ergo 360

I was lucky enough to have a test drive of the 360 with my gorgeous 6 month old nephew Sam.  

On the upside…

  • I love having the option of both inward and outward facing.  Although I tried to get Sam to snuggle against me, his preference was to face outwards and watch the world go by. I didn’t try the back and hip settings as at 6 months old, he just wasn’t interested.
  • It’s so comfortable.  You can literally wear your baby whilst doing your chores, going for a walk or even nipping to the loo (v.useful at airports).
  • This is an ergonomic way to carry your baby when forward facing.  Instead of having them dangling as per other baby carriers, the Ergo 360 has a bucket seat built-in.  This ensures correct hip and spine positioning.

On the downside…

  • You will still need to buy an infant insert if using from birth (up to approx. 5 months)
  • It’s not quite as ‘sturdy’ as the original Ergobaby carrier and doesn’t go up to as heavy a max weight (15 vs 20kg).  If you’ve got a large baby/toddler who doesn’t mind not facing outwards then you might want to stick to the classic.  

All in all, I think the Ergo 360 is a fabulous product and one of those things I had been invented 5 years ago when I was choosing what baby carrier to buy.

The Ergo 360 will be in stores in Hong Kong from end April onwards and priced at HKD $1490.

Sam and back facing Ergo 360

What do you think?  Would you buy the 360 over the original Ergobaby carrier?


Jetlag & Mayhem has no affiliation to Ergo and was not paid for this review.

  • SJ @ Chasing the Donkey


    Loved, loved, loved my ergo carrier. By far the most comfy, maybe I need a new baby to enjoy this one now 🙂

  • Wendy at Tots


    Yep for sure – a babycarrier for flying is the best way to go…

  • Kim


    Do you know which stores in HK the Ergo 360 will be available from?

  • Nicola


    Hi Kim, confirmed stores in Hong Kong are Bumps To Babes, Ourbaby and Rainbow Care

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