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Airport Lounges – a relaxing way to start your trip

One of the perks of flying with my husband is his Marco Polo Gold Card.  When I’m alone with the kids, I’ve normally got them crawling around the floor of the gate eating Starbucks muffins.  With my other half, he’s got access to the Cathay lounge at Hong Kong Airport and to One World lounges globally.

Whilst they won’t always let us all in (I think the rule is one guest), having lounge access can ease the stress of a long flight ahead.

Our recent experience in HK’s Cathay lounge, ahead of a long 12 hour flight was fantastic.  I got the girls fed and one of the waitresses continually brought over snacks and water and thoughtfully gave me food to take in my bag for the journey.  I was able to get my sneaky glass of wine in, steal lots of magazines and water for the flight and generally relax.

Even better was during our 2 hour layover in LAX at the American Airlines Admirals Club (part of One World) which has a Children’s Playroom.  Absolutely invaluable after a long flight, the kids were able to let loose and we could relax with complimentary food, drinks and wifi.

Children’s Playroom – American Airlines Admirals Club – LAX

Don’t miss out on lounges… regardless of what class you fly, it’s worth checking:

  • Does your airline loyalty card allow you access into a lounge?
  • Does your credit card allow you into a lounge e.g. some Amex Cathay holders can access Priority Pass lounges
  • Does the airport have a lounge that you can pay to use?  This could be worthwhile if you have a lengthy delay.
  • If you fly economy regularly, is it worth you investing in a Priority Pass or Airport Angel card with access to lounges worldwide?

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