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Hi I’m Nicola, and travel is my greatest passion in life. I started exploring the world from a young age; roadtripping in the US with my parents, inter-railing Europe as a teenager, and backpacking Asia and South America in my twenties.

I’ve also been lucky enough to call several different cities across the world home. I’m originally from London, but have also lived in France, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and you’ll currently find me in Singapore.

The Jetlag & Mayhem story started in 2009, as a new mum living in Hong Kong. I was about to set sail on my first solo longhaul flight with a 4 month old baby.  I couldn’t find any resources online that resonated with me about how to travel with a baby.  I mean, where do you put the baby? How do you sterilise bottles? What do you pack? How do you stop the baby crying? Help!

I soon figured it all out (wet wipes are the answer to everything) and friends started to ask for all my tips. Rather than continually send out the same email, inspiration struck. I knew I wanted to bring together a site that shared the true story of traveling with a baby; the vomit, jetlag and beyond! Thus Jetlag & Mayhem was born and and I have loved writing it ever since.

Two and half years after Miss Jetlag flew into the world, Miss Mayhem came along and travel became even more interesting. In fact Miss Mayhem made her maiden longhaul voyage at a mere 6 weeks old! Since then, we haven’t stopped.  My kids have now visited more than 17 countries, and I’m delighted to share my passion for travel with them.

I love to hear from my readers across the world. I am always happy to field questions on family travel, from where to stay to which stroller to purchase. I really do believe that travel makes the world a better place….

Happy Travels!

Jetlag & Mayhem

Got a family travel question? Interested to learn more about working together with Jetlag & Mayhem? I’d love to hear from you!