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A Tale Of Two Travel Adaptors

Don’t all yawn and look away.  Travel adaptors are the new shoes.

So what do you need to bear in mind when purchasing one?

  • How many USBs will it take?
  • What countries will it adapt to?
  • How clunky is it?
  • How bright is the pilot light?
  • What is the max voltage? (most will take iPads etc but not mega wattage appliances like hairdryers)

I recently put these two to the test:


LINDY USB Mains Plug Travel Adaptor

This is a nifty black cube that suits Europe, UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, HK, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan.  There are no protruding pins, you simply slide across the button to get the pins that you want.

There are two slots for USBs


Pros: Compact, requires you to carry no extra ‘bits’.  Able to charge an iPad & use a hairdryer at the same time – very useful!
Cons: Would have loved one extra USB slot on it

The LINDY USB Mains Plug Travel Adapter is GBP 14.95 and available from their website



Before my recent family visit to London from Hong Kong, my dad sent me on a shopping spree to buy him this specific adaptor.  This consists of a small unit with 4 USB slots and a further 4 plug types for North America, Europe, Australia, UK & others.  


Pros:  With the electronics shop I now appear to haul around with me, 4 USB slots are brilliantly useful
Cons: You do need to remember to pack the plug type you need which will take up extra room.  Also there’s a bright blue light that comes on when the appliance is in use. My dad reckons you can tape over it but it did annoy me.

The THUNDER-CHARGE 4USB Power Adaptor is HKD $158 and is available from electronic malls in Hong Kong (e.g. Wanchai computer centre). Outside of HK you’ll need to do some googling to find it.


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