9 Tips To Save Money At A Luxury Hotel

I think it’s an outrage when hotels charge exorbitantly high prices for a glass of milk. Shruti (you know the one who’s always off on a luxury holiday) is currently staying in Dubai and was charged GBP 30 for two glasses of milk! Whilst I adore staying in five-star establishments, I’m always on the lookout for money-saving options whilst I’m there.  Here are my top tips!

  • Pack snacks for the kids in your suitcase.  Dried fruit, crackers, cereal bars etc are all good to have on hand.  For parents, you might want to think about bringing a bottle of wine or spirits with you for in-room cocktails.
  • If you’re lucky enough to get access to an airport lounge before you depart, steal all you can!  Mini boxes of cereal and bottles of water go a long way.
  • I love this tip from a friend – pack tupperware and ziplock bags.  Then when you’re at the breakfast buffet you can squirrel away snacks for later.  When my husband and I were staying the Maldives, the food was outrageously expensive.  We were on bed & breakfast so would make sandwiches from the breakfast buffet and quickly stuff them into our beach bag when the waiters weren’t looking.
    Tupperware boxes
  • Which brings me to my next point – if you are staying somewhere remote like the Maldives, look into upgrading to a half board or full board option.  This might well save you a few bob.

    When they've got you trapped on an island they can charge what they want!

    When they’ve got you trapped on an island they can charge what they want!

  • Always bring your baby’s bottle down to breakfast to fill up with fresh milk to take back to the room and store in the fridge.
  • If you’re feeling peckish and looking for a healthy snack, hit the hotel’s gym!  They often have fresh fruit and bottles of water out for the taking.  A gym’s water cooler is also a great way to fill up your bottles!
  • Always remove the complimentary bottles of water each day so that housekeeping will replace them for you.
  • Check out the hotel library/games room/reception for bowls of fruit, cookies etc.  The Inn at Cannon Beach had the best reception cookies I’ve ever tasted!
  • It goes without saying, always help yourself to whatever you legally can on departing the hotel!  My favourites are hotel slippers and toiletries.

    A small selection from my stash!

    A small selection from my stash!

  • Shawn R. Randax


    Very informative! A little advance planning for your will save you money! Thanks!

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