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5 Tips on How to Book a Vacation from Hong Kong

DSC04749One of the many exciting things about living in Hong Kong is the opportunity to travel.  So much so that come any Public Holiday (we have 17), flights are booked solid, people are boasting of their grand plans and you realise you’re too late to go anywhere.

Don’t get left behind… here’s how to book that next trip:

  1. It might surprise you but it can be a smart choice to use a travel agent in Hong Kong.  Your travel agent can do great things like put your family’s names down to reserve flights months in advance with no payment required till 6 weeks before.  If you find a travel agent you like, it’s a great relationship to be in.  Mine, Daryl at Concorde Travel, shed some more light on his role.  While travel agents don’t necessarily have better access to a specific package or flight, they have access to a greater range and are in a better position to provide options.  They might also think of options that many passengers are either unaware of, or simply don’t consider.  For busy Hong Kongers, who might not have time to look into travel arrangements, using a travel agent can be invaluable.
  2. Get the most out of your credit card and opt for one that rewards your spending with Airmiles.  The American Express Cathay Pacific Credit Card is a popular choice.  In addition to earning Asia Miles, you also get benefits like Complimentary Travel Insurance and Airport Lounge coupons.  Spending those miles can be a bit more tricky so make sure you book reward flights far in advance to get the flights that you want.  For more details go to https://www.americanexpress.com/hk/en/content/cathay-pacific-credit-card/
  3. Check out online travel sites offering cheap deals. Some favourites are:
    www.zuji.com.hk  (I’ve found some great air fares on this)
    http://www.agoda.com/  (go to travel site for many families)
    http://www.openroomz.com/hk (fantastic hotel deals for last minute travel)
    www.orbitz.hk (great flight cancellation policy, they’ll credit your account so you don’t lose the money)
    www.airasia.com/hk/en/home.page (popular low cost airline)
  4. Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong’s national carrier.  Between them and their subsidiary Dragonair, they’ve got your destination covered.  Flights on Cathay can get expensive but their holiday packages are good value. Check out http://www.cxholidays.com.  Additionally, great bargains to be had every Tuesday at 8am when Dragonair release their ‘fanfares’ – cheap seats available for a limited time period http://www.dragonair.com/ka/en_HK/latest-offers/flights/fanfares/
  5. If you’re looking to save money, investigate flying out of Shenzhen Airport (90 mins by bus from Sheung Wan) or Macau International Airport (1 hour by ferry).  For example, departing from Shenzhen Airport instead of Hong Kong can be much cheaper if flying domestic in China.  Don’t forget to factor in extra journey time to these airports and immigration.
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