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5 Things to Teach Your Kids Before Your Trip

My eldest daughter turned four last week.  I love the fact that in contrast to our vacations of schlepping a little bundle cocooned in her pushchair, she’s now old enough to understand and learn about where she is going.

We are headed to Penang tomorrow for a few days.  Whilst I won’t be educating her on the latest in Malaysia’s election results, here are some fun things you can share with a four year old:

1.  Where are we going?  Get a map out and show your child where you live and where your destination is.  On my wishlist is this Children’s Illuminated Globe by Stella nova

Children's Illuminated Globe2.  What language do they speak?  Teach your kids a few useful words like ‘thank you’, ‘please’ and ‘my name is’.

3.  What fun things will we see?  You can try to get them excited about the sites you will be taking them to/dragging them round.  Penang has an old fort, Fort Cornwallis and I’ve told Daisy she can pretend to be a pirate there.

4.  What food do they eat?  Show your kids a picture of the national dish and describe it to them.  Yum!  I am already salivating at the thought of Malaysia’s Nasi Lemma

Nasi Lemak5.  How are we getting there?  Kids love planes, trains and automobiles.  Every step of the journey is an adventure.  An amazing way to record your kids journeys is to buy them a Flight Logbook.  I was sent a gorgeous one by Bronwyn of Simply For Flying.  Whilst Daisy is still too young to write in it herself, we stick her boarding pass in and she also doodles pictures in there.

Simply for flying logbook

  • Gretta


    I agree, it’s great for the whole family to learn a few words of the language of wherever you’re going. Knowing how to say hello, goodbye, please and thank you makes a real difference.

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