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5 Reasons To Travel With A 5 Year Old!

My five-year old and I recently took a trip to Chengdu in China’s Sichuan Province.  I’ve realised that despite the odd tantrum she is a super travel companion.  Here’s why it can be fun to travel with a 5-year-old:

  1. Travel has become more meaningful to her. She enjoys looking at globes and maps and working out where we are going to.  I love watching her put it all together to discover little pieces of the world.
  2. Queues mysteriously open up and people are genuinely nicer to you.  After being stuck in a long immigration queue at the airport, we were ushered into an empty diplomat’s queue.
  3. Kids see things differently – literally (she’s far shorter than me) and figuratively (she has far more curiosity).  As we were walking around a park in Chengdu she pretended we were in a fairy forest, something I never would have done on my own!
  4. As she is just learning to read and write, she enjoys writing and drawing in her own travel journal.  It is also fun to give her the camera and watch what she captures.
    Daisy writing travel diary - shrink
  5. You get to go swimming a lot!  There’s nothing more my daughter loves more than splashing around in a hotel pool. Whilst I would have retired to my room and lazed around on the hotel bed watching CNN, she immediately dragged us off to the pool which was the perfect place to finish a busy day!

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