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5 Hand Luggage Essentials When Flying With A Baby

This week 5 month old baby Marley is coming to visit us in Hong Kong!  I dedicate this post to Marley’s parents who are about to endure her first long haul flight….  Pay attention, this is what you need to pack:

  1. Baby wipes.  Never underestimate the power of these things and how many you will need.  Perfect for wiping down baby, bassinet, vomit off the floor/you/seat, changing table etc.
  2. Black pashmina.  They like to keep the lights blaring bright on long haul flights at times when you want your baby to sleep. Whilst younger babies might be immune to lighting, I found that draping a black pashmina over the bassinet or baby carrier really helped mine to sleep.  It can also double up as a blanket and muslin.
I've always been a big fan of the Ergo baby carrier

I’ve always been a big fan of the Ergo baby carrier

  1. Baby carrier.  At some point you will have to part with your precious buggy.  A baby carrier allows you to be hands free which is useful when wandering through an airport with a baby. I’ve also found it great for jiggling baby to sleep in when they refuse to sleep in the bassinet.
  2. Disposable sterilising bags & a bottle brush.  It goes without saying that you should pack more sterilised bottles than you think you need.  However, these are great just in case you are delayed or lose bottles (trust me, it happens) and you need to sterilise on the plane. Once you’ve finished with your bottle, give it a clean in the galley – hopefully cabin crew will help you out on this one.  Then soak whatever you need sterilising in a bag with a tablet for 15 minutes.  Shake off the solution and your things are ready to use.
  3. Plastic bags.  If you manage to fly with your baby and escape a poo/vomit/milk spillage incident then good for you.  For the rest of you with wet/dirty items, your stock of plastic bags will come in very handy.  I like to reuse clear plastic ones from the supermarket.


Don’t forget to print off my hand luggage packing list and check off each item as you go – happy flying!

  • Leah


    I agree that the Ergobaby carrier is a must have when travelling. It’s saved my arms (and sanity) on so many occasions

  • Wave to Mummy


    Baby wipes are essential! Never can have too many of those 🙂

    They also do those pre-packaged and readymade formula bottles nowadays – those might be quite handy as well so you won’t have to bother with sterilising your own bottles during flights etc.

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