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5 Cheap, Kid-Friendly Holidays

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5 cheap, kid-friendly holidays

All parents want to be able to take their kids on exciting holidays and create treasured memories. It’s important for kids to see the world and get an understanding of other languages, food and cultures. Whilst we might worry about the cost of exciting holidays (visit this site for more information), a lot of kids aren’t fussed about anything fancy or luxurious, and there are plenty of holidays you can take them on that don’t break the bank. So, what are they?


All kids love camping. Why? Because it feels so different to regular life – it’s a real adventure. Whether you choose to camp in the UK or abroad, camping teaches kids great life skills like putting up tents, tying knots and cooking on an open stove (this must always be supervised!) Plus, there are often lots of other kids on campsites for them to run around with, giving you the time to sit back, relax and have a refreshing beverage.  If you like your camping more on the luxurious side, check out our time glamping at Longthorns farm in Dorset. 

Road trip

When on holiday, kids love moving around and seeing the sights. So, why not go on a road trip? Provided you take plenty of stops and give them the space to run around, your kids will love being able to see the amazing countryside and interesting cultures. Make sure the car is loaded with snacks, you have some good games ready and perhaps an audio tape or two for when conversation runs thin. If you’re going abroad, don’t forget to check your car’s air-con is working properly – stuffy cars and kids aren’t a good mix.  


What kid doesn’t want to go to Disneyland? Full of their favourite stories, characters and rides, Disneyland is a favourite for kids of all ages and provides a huge amount of entertainment. Your kids will be spoilt for choice, and there are some great activities for adults, too. Plus, there are plenty of ways to make it cheap. Check online for deals, consider staying nearby and going for the day, and don’t travel in peak summer months. You can also save money by bringing your own refreshments and avoiding spending once you’re inside.  If you’re thinking about Disneyland Paris, here’s our 3 day itinerary for Disney & Walt Disney Studios.


Beach holidays are another guaranteed favourite for kids, and can be done both in the UK or abroad – although you’ll want to check the weather. A beach holiday can be great for kids because they get the opportunity to run around to their heart’s content, building sandcastles and splashing in the ocean. Plus, there will be plenty of delicious snacks and smells to keep them occupied. Just make sure you bring sun cream and dry towels – no one wants a cold or sunburnt child!


When we think of holidays, we often think of staying somewhere overnight. But a holiday can be a day trip too, if money is tight! A day on the beach, seeing the sights from a car or putting up a tent can still be a fun holiday that your child will enjoy, and it’ll save you money on hotels and flights, too.


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