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10 Tips To Help You Prepare For A Family Roadtrip!

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  1. Book your hire car!  For tips on how to hire a rental car, check out this post – however my top tip is to pay extra for sat nav..
  2. A week prior to your trip, reconfirm your hire car and child/infant seats
  3. Reconfirm your hotels and crib/rollaway bed requirements.  Hotel/guesthouse owners are also a goldmine of information. Seek their advice on the best route to get to the hotel and good places to stop off.
  4. Go through your route.  When road tripping with young kids, I tend to plan it all from where we’re staying each night to what activities we will do each day.  I keep all my information in this travel spreadsheet which I print off to keep in my handbag at all times.
  5. Even if you are booking a car with sat nav, it’s also useful to go on sites like Mapquest and print off a map and directions for each of your journeys.  You can also get the timings for each journey this way.
  6. Pack items that will keep the kids comfortable in the car from car seat sunshades to neck pillows or favourite blankets.
    Sky asleep in car
  7. Pack some healthy snacks for the kids.  It may take time in between picking up your hire car and stopping off at a supermarket so this will keep them quiet and allow you to focus on figuring out how to drive the car!

    Not an example of a healthy snack, the 'Car-B-Q' (gotta love Texas)

    Not an example of a healthy snack, the ‘Car-B-Q’ (gotta love Texas)

  8. How will you keep the kids entertained in the car?  Maybe you’ve booked a hire car with inbuilt DVD player.  Or if you have an ipad, think about buying a car seat back headrest holder
    Car seatback ipadI always bring lots of sticker books, crayons, books and colouring in.  If you’re travelling in the US, stop off by the bargain bins at Target & Walmart and get the kids to pick some treats to play with in the car.
  9. Check your destination’s driving laws to ensure your driving licence is in compliance!  If you hold a UK driving licence, you may also be required to show the paper counterpart so don’t forget to pack it.  If your licence is in non-roman alphabet e.g. Japanese then you will also need to show an international driving licence.
  10. Get downloading – there are some great free apps out there to help you on your way from Gas Buddy to Hotels.com.  Here’s a useful article outlining some good apps.

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  • Wendy


    Car B Q? – you have to expand on that one for us Europeans…

    • Nicola

      haha, we were on a road trip in Texas where BBQ is everywhere. My husband was hungry and wanted a snack. He picked up BBQ to eat in the car and coined the Car-B-Q!

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