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10 Tips To Help You Get Through The Airport

At Heathrow

  1. Arrive with plenty of time.  Airports and queues go hand in hand from check-in to security.  You might also have a marathon walk to your gate (welcome to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi!).
  2. Keep your stroller with you all the way to the gate (if you can).  Don’t forget to bring your baby carrier too, for when you have to part with said stroller.
  3. If you don’t have/use a stroller, some airports have ones you can borrow for free.  I’m guilty of using a luggage trolley on occasion (not so safe but effective).
    luggage stroller in airport
  4. Don’t be tempted to cut corners and take young kids plus stroller plus luggage on airport escalators.  Use the elevator!
  5. Think carefully about what hand luggage your kids will carry.  By far the easiest item for young kids are backpacks.  Having them wheel a suitcase will slow you down and likely you’ll end up carrying it.
    Sky with backpack at airport
  6. Think wisely about your own hand luggage.  Backpacks are handy, especially if you are flying as a solo parent with kids.  They are also kinder to your back.
  7. Have a simple storage system so you don’t keep panicking where all your ‘go to’ items are e.g. phone, passports, boarding passes.  I love wearing clothes with pockets or having a bag with multiple zips.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or even look distressed.  You’ll often be ushered to the front of the queue.  On arrival last weekend at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi the immigration queues were enormous.  We caught the eye of an airport official who let us go through the ‘Premium’ line.
  9. Keep an eye on your Gate.  I have been caught out by a last minute gate change which is no fun when you’re running with young kids and lots of bags.
  10. Keep an arsenal of snacks for bribery.  Encourage kids to walk faster through the airport by luring them with a lollipop for the plane.  Especially useful if you have a screaming toddler who’s lying on the floor and won’t get up.
    At check in
  • Danny M.


    Hi Nicola, thanks you for sharing travel tips, we have a 7 year old and 4 year old whom travels a lot with us, usually to Asia, my wife uses some of your tricks like having lolipops for kids when they are acting up. Its not easy traveling with kids but it sure makes it fun and interesting, keep it up, bon voyage and all the best for the holidays!

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