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10 Of The Best Packing Hacks


I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I absolutely love packing.  My packing usually starts months in advance when I start squirreling away all the things I need for my trip.  Then I like getting all my packing cubes and travel bottles out.  Sometimes it does go wrong. The fancy dress I so cleverly hid away months in advance of my christmas holiday, forgot to make its way in my suitcase.  Or I forget that the suitcase zip broke on a previous trip and my bag clunks onto the baggage belt half-open.

The most important thing when it comes to packing is to utilise your space efficiently and ensure nothing breaks.  This is particularly crucial to me when I am lugging an entire Tesco shop back to Hong Kong.  Leaving behind my crisps in London is not an option. There are loads of tips and tricks out there to help get it done effectively and efficiently.  Here are my top ten packing hacks:

  1. Use a packing list and work through methodically. I even have a few for you here on Jetlag & Mayhem!  Check the weather in advance so you aren’t packing foolishly (she says mentally removing the sundress for that upcoming London trip).
  2. Buy some packing cubes.  They work brilliantly by nicely squashing down your clothes. Most have mesh panels so you can clearly see what’s inside.  I now have them for all the family, my favourite are these Zpac ones.
    Zpacs in suitcase - shrink
  3. Put your shoes inside shower caps!  This stops the soles from dirtying your clothes.  
  4. Wrap breakables with socks and then stick them inside the shoes (inside the shower caps see point 2)
  5. Always wrap liquid bottles in plastic bags. There is nothing worse than a burst sunscreen.
  6. Don’t lug all your heavy liquids with you. Buy smaller bottles and decant your products. Then label them clearly so you aren’t moisturising with conditioner.
    Ickle Bockle Bank 2
  7. Take a photo of all your luggage before you check it in. That way if you lose anything, you will know how to describe it.
  8. Pack heaviest items at the bottom of the suitcase, close to the wheels.
  9. Keep your clothes smelling nice by adding a few dryer sheets like Bounce.
  10. Always pack a foldable travel bag, especially if you think you are going to be purchasing lots at your destination.  Nothing worse than having to spend extra money on yet another travel bag you won’t use.

I’ll throw in an extra one that I’m yet to follow.  Roll your clothes instead of folding them.  I just haven’t got my head round this but apparently it saves space and prevents wrinkles.  If you have feedback on this, I would love to hear it!


  • orla breeze


    rolling clothes is a MUST! have been doing it forever and it makes a huge difference spacewise.

  • Twinkle


    Hello, I love reading your posts, and when this came into my emails, I was excited because I am on a holiday right now. And yes, it really does help if you roll your clothes. It saves LOADS of space, and another tip is to put some small rolled clothes into shoes. You could put them in a plastic bag if you’re worried about getting it dirty. Thats all my tips.

    • Nicola

      Ok I will try it! 🙂

  • escapingwithkids.com


    Hi Nicola, thanks for sharing your advice! I keep struggling packing for my family, I always carry too much luggage around… One rule I do follow though, is to pack some clothes for everyone into every luggage. That way no one will suffer in case one luggage gets lost on the way!

    • Nicola

      Yes, that’s a great tip!

  • Marnie Skipper


    If your clothes do come out of the suitcase slightly wrinkled, simply hang them in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will help loosen the wrinkles.

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